Enseignant chercheur du Laboratoire Parcours de Santé Systémique UR 4129

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1


Discipline(s) enseignée(s) : SANTE PUBLIQUE


Activités d’encadrement : Oral Microbiota, Intestinal Microbiota and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Oral health might biologically increase systemic inflammation, lead to immune dysregulation, and alter gut microbiota, thereby possibly influencing colorectal carcinogenesis. If the symbiotic balance between the host and the microbiota of the oral cavity is disrupted, these microbiota may become harmful. host susceptibility and environmental factors, such as diet, toothpaste and smoking.

Understanding the interaction between intestinal microbiota, pathogens and the human host could lead to new strategies, notably by modifying the composition of intestinal microbiota.

Strengthening the need for management of oral health to reduce the risk of systemic diseases.

The challenge generally accepted ideas that interdental spaces do not fall within the scope of prophylaxis, and are consequently only taken into account when the clinical signs of periodontal lesions appear among adult patients. Researchs in quantifying and qualifying the major pathogens that exist in the interdental biofilm are able to demonstrate that even the interdental biofilm of periodontally healthy young adults contains bacteria that can lead to periodontitis and systemic diseases.

He seeks to reelevate oral health as an integrated dimension of chronic diseases and general health care, a concept which is often put forward, but which is little understood and even less applied.